Fine Art classes (Art Classes given in French or Chinese only)

(Chinese classes are French to Chinese-reserved for Francophones)
I offer private fine art classes or group classes (3 persons maximum per group)

Representational/Figurative Painting Classes
Ages 12 and up

You choose your technique, watercolors, oils, acrylics, gouache, pastels :  The emphasis is on the colors and techniques, harmonization of color, materials and textures, learning how to work with the various visuels, how to prepare the background or mountings, pigments, etc.

Fine art classes for children
For Ages 6-12, and 12-16

In order to encourage the development of good sense and intelligence among our youth, the projects we engage in are in keeping with the National Education program for fine arts.  The classes give the children confidence towards personal development and creativity in their art work.  The children are strongly encouraged to express their creative side and enhance their artistic capabilities.  I encourage them to develop and express their perception of the real world around them.

Fine Art classes for Adults (Reserved for Francophones or Chinese speakers)

The class focuses on personal project development including decoration, collages, wall hangings, 3 dimensional paintings (examples:  paintings on furniture or wall murals).

All classes are by appointment only.
Contact me by phone or email at :

Phone number : 00 33 6 14 81 41 29
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